The BITSTREAM service offers indirect access over the Adamo GPON fiber optic network, where level 2 connectivity is offered in a secure and transparent way, from the point of interconnection with the client to the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) in the end customer home.

White Label Internet Service

The White Label Internet service is designed for customers who do not have their own telecommunications infrastructures but wish to offer their final customers Internet access services at level 3, so the commercial and operational management in addition to the final Client belong to the Operator.

VPN Ethernet service

The Ethernet VPN service defines indirect access over the Adamo MPLS network, in which level 2 connectivity is offered securely and transparently, between the client's premises. In addition, Ethernet VPN provides a virtual private network (VPLS) infrastructure for the interconnection of the client's premises allowing the transport of their Ethernet frames through the Adamo IP-MPLS network, thus offering fast and efficient transport.

IP Transit Service

IP Transit transit service through Adamo AS35699. The service includes direct interconnection between the Adamo network equipment and the client equipment in the aggregate node, IP address allocation of the Adamo ranges and delivery options for a default route or IP-Transit with full routing BGP table.

Adamo has an open peering policy, which allows connection to the main national operators and the most important content providers. In addition, it has private peering connections with the main market players. Adamo's network also has caches fromseveral of these providers, considerably improving latencies.

Wavelength service

The Wavelength service offers customers of Adamo's Wholesale channel transport of data capacity between two nodes of the Adamo DWDM network. The service is supported on the Adamo DWDM fiber optic network and contemplates the delivery of the service in the most relevant data centers nationwide. The bandwidth profiles available in the Wavelength service range from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.

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