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If you don’t find the answer to your questions, you can contact our support and customer service through the 900 651 651.

1. Hiring and Billing

1.1 How long does the transfer process take?

Generally, the whole process takes about 48 hours from the request, assuming that the data provided is correct. Adamo will notify it to you via SMS. We always advise that, after having Internet and telephone service with us, you contact your former operator to check that everything has been correctly cancelled.

1.2 How do you bill?

The first week of every month we will charge you the bill for the total of the current month. You can consult your bill entering the “My Adamo” section of the webpage with your user and password.

1.3 How can I consult my bills?

In the “My Adamo” section you can consult all your bills. To access it you will only need your client number and your password, that you received via SMS when you ordered our services.

1.4 I can’t access the personal area because I don’t remember my user details, what should I do?

Call us for free at 900 651 651 or send us an e-mail to and we will tell you how to proceed.

2. Internet

2.1 How do I check my connection’s speed?

You can run a speed test at We recommend you to run the test connecting the computer via ethernet cable, since it is the technology that allows for the highest speed.

2.2 How can I identify my Wifi network?

You will find the name of your Wifi network on the superior or inferior side of the Adamo’s router-ONT device.

2.3 What’s the password of my Wifi network?

You will find the password of your network on the Adamo’s router-ONT device, in a sticker with a QR code.

To change it, consult the device’s manual:

2.4 What security measures should I take?

Adamo uses by default the encryption standard “MixedWPA/WPA2 + AES”, which is the safest encryption standard for Wi-Fi networks.

We recommend our clients to take one basic safety measure: change the password. Write a password as long as possible.

A new password will be not only more secure but also easier to remember.

2.5 What’s the best location for the router?

Try, whenever possible, to move the router closer to the location from where you connect more often.

If you connect via Wifi from all around the house, put the router on a centric location, more or less high (like a shelf) and without elements that reduce the coverage (metallic shelves, walls, columns, etc).

It’s recommended to move the router away from wireless phones, microwave devices (yes, the one in the kitchen!) and other Bluetooth wireless devices (like audio and video devices) that could cause interference.

2.6 What’s the best location for the router in multiple-stories houses?

If it is a two-story house, it’s recommended to locate the router in the ceiling of the inferior story or close to the floor of the superior story (depending on what story needs better signal). Its location is better, obviously, in the story where it will be used the most.

In three-or-more-stories houses, the middle story is always the best solution, and the staircase gap is an excellent option to avoid coverage loss.

2.7 My Internet is running slow, ¿how do I fix it?

First of all, run a speed test to verify that the problem is yours and not from the server of the website you are visiting.

If you detect a slow speed, check that when running the test you don’t have a lot of programs or apps (explorer’s windows and tabs) open or more than one device connected (computers, mobile phones, tablets), since in that case the test would not show the real speed. Take into account that if your computer is old it’s possible that it can’t bear all the bandwidth, thus looking like you are receiving less.

2.8 Help with game consoles and ports redirection (XBOX and PlayStation).

We always recommend you to connect the console by ethernet cable to enjoy the maximum speed.

For an optimum use of the console it’s necessary to open some ports, specified by the manufacturer.

You can also connect the console to the ethernet port number 4, which is in bridge mode (monoport), and you’ll have direct connection to the Internet without NAT functions. The ONT will function only as a “bridge” between the console and the Internet.

You can consult the list of ports in the following links (in Spanish):

Note: you may need to redirect additional ports for certain games.

If you must assign an intern range fixed IP to your console we recommend the following external tutorials (in Spanish):

To redirect ports in the Adamo Telecom’s devices, follow the manual of each one of them (you can find them in this very same help space) or the device’s help area.

2.9 Router-ONT: configuration manual

Manuals to make configuration changes in the Router-ONT:

2.10 How do I configure the Chromecast?

Click here and follow the steps.

3. Fixed Telephony

3.1. What should I do to receive Telephone service?

To receive Telephone service you must connect your device to the Adamo’s terminal on the port 1 or port A.

Once it is connected you will be able to emit and receive calls.

If you need to connect more than one device, consult the manual (in Spanish) Paso a Paso para hacer el puente de telefonía.

3.2. What should I do to use my home’s telephone sockets?

If you need to connect more than one device, follow this manual (in Spanish): Paso a Paso para hacer el puente de telefonía.

4. Mobile Telephony

4.1 How do I configure my mobile data?

To use Internet in your mobile phone you have to configure the APN (Access Point Network) connection. The APN information is the following:

  • Name: adamo
  • APN: internetmas

If you need help with the configuration, click here.

4.2 How do I deactivate/activate the voicemail?

To access the voicemail press 242. Use the menu to enable it, disable it, or configure your voicemail message.
If you are going to travel abroad, you need to consult the access key. Get it pressing 242 > option 4 > option 1 > option 1. To listen to your messages while roaming call +34 656 242 242 and introduce the code you previously obtained.

4.3 What should I do if I lose or somebody steals my mobile phone?

If you lose or somebody steals your mobile phone call us immediately at 900 651 651 to deactivate the line as soon as possible. With the same call you’ll be able to request a duplicate of your SIM card.

On top of that, we recommend you to read this article on how to try to recover the phone terminal.

4.4 How can I ask for a duplicate of my SIM card?

Call us at 900 651 651 or send us your request by e-mail at specifying your identification details.

4.5 Can I set a limit in the calls consumption?

Yes. If you need a consumption limit you must contact us and request it.

4.6 Roaming

Roaming is disabled by default. If you want to enable it, contact us at The change takes some days to become effective. Consult our international rates in the section “Tarifas” from our website.

Adamo’s advice: be careful with roaming outside Spain, it can rapidly become very expensive both with Adamo and the rest of the operators. We also recommend you to be careful with the use of Roaming data: whenever possible, disable data and use Wi-Fi access points in destination.


5. Cloud Telephony

5.1. Cloud PBX:

6. IP Transit Services

6.1. IP Transit BGP service communities

Communities para alterar el routing por parte de clientes de IP Transit:

No-export to IX

Permite no exportar sus prefijos en los diferentes IX

Rango 35699:1400-1449

    Valor Community  
NO-EXPORT-IX-ALL   35699:1400 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en TODOS los puntos neutros
NO-EXPORT-IX-ESPANIX   35699:1401 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en ESPANIX
NO-EXPORT-IX-CATNIX   35699:1402 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en CATNIX
NO-EXPORT-IX-AMSIX   35699:1403 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en AMSIX
NO-EXPORT-IX-EQUINIX-FRANCE   35699:1404 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en EQUINIX FRANCIA
NO-EXPORT-IX-DE-CIX-ESP   35699:1405 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en DE-CIX-ESP


AS-Prepend to IX

Permite hacer as-prepend (hasta un máximo de 3) de sus prefijos hacia todos los IX-points.

    Valor Community   Número de Prepends
IX-PREPEND-1-ALL   35699:1410   1
IX-PREPEND-2-ALL   35699:1420   2
IX-PREPEND-3-ALL   35699:1430   3


No-export to Provideers

Permite no exportar de sus prefijos a proveedores determinados.

      Valor Community  
TRANSIT-NO-EXPORT-ALL     35699:1450 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en TODOS los tránsitos (TIER 1)
TRANSIT-NO-EXPORT-NTT     35699:1460 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en NTT
TRANSIT-NO-EXPORT-COGENT     35699:1470 No se anuncian los prefijos por parte del cliente en COGENT


AS-Prepend to Provideers

Permite hacer as-prepend (hasta un máximo de 3) de sus prefijos a proveedores determinados, o hacia todos:


    Valor Community   Número de Prepends
TRANSIT-PREPEND-1-ALL   35699:1451   1
TRANSIT-PREPEND-2-ALL   35699:1452   2
TRANSIT-PREPEND-3-ALL   35699:1453   3



    Valor Community   Número de Prepends
TRANSIT-PREPEND-1-NTT   35699:1461   1
TRANSIT-PREPEND-2-NTT   35699:1462   2
TRANSIT-PREPEND-3-NTT   35699:1463   3


    Valor Community   Número de Prepends
TRANSIT-PREPEND-1-COGENT   35699:1471   1
TRANSIT-PREPEND-2-COGENT   35699:1472   2
TRANSIT-PREPEND-3-COGENT   35699:1433   3




Servidores DNS Adamo Telecom

ADAMO TELECOM quiere anunciar su nueva infraestructura de DNS Anycast.

Anycast es una forma de direccionamiento en la que la información es enrutada al punto más cercano al cliente desde el punto de vista de la topología de red.


Alta disponibilidad
Servidores en diferentes puntos geográficos, añadiendo un balanceo global a su servicio de resolución DNS. Las peticiones son redirigidas a los servidores disponibles automáticamente.

Alto rendimiento
Las peticiones de nombre por parte de los clientes​, ​llegan ​al DNS ​geográfico ​más cercano, ​con lo que ​la latencia disminuye, y por tanto la velocidad de respuesta aumenta.

Resistencia contra ataques DDoS

Éste pasará a ser nuestro DNS principal: DNS Anycast:

Recomendamos que usen este DNS como principal ya que es el óptimo para utilizar en nuestra red. Si actualmente utilizan otro servidores DNS de ADAMO TELECOM, les aconsejamos encarecidamente que cambien a esta nueva solución. Pueden configurar otro servidor no relacionado con ADAMO TELECOM (OpenDNS, Google,…) para así conseguir una altísima disponibilidad utilizándolo a modo de respaldo.

Ejemplo de funcionamiento habitual:


Alta disponiblidad ante fallos:


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