At the moment ... we haven't reached your town

But together we can do it! How?

But together we can do it! How?

3 simple steps that we explain here below:


Interest Phase

This is the first phase to be able to connect to the 1,000 Mb. Little by little, Adamo will bring the Fiber to all corners of the country, but the more people join the Fiberhood, the more priority your town will have! You can also become an Adamo Ambassador and share informative material with your friends and neighbors (Flyers, Posters ...)

Project phase

In this phase we have already begun to install the Fiber in the town, but this may last a few weeks, although we will work tirelessly, we promise! As we don't like to keep you waiting, during this phase you can benefit from exclusive offers for a limited time.

Deployment Phase

We have already brought Fiber to your town and all neighbors can enjoy the fastest connection in the country!

Let's make it possible!

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