SUPERFAST! + Mobile Unlimited Data

SUPERFAST Fiber! 1,000 Mb upload and download and Mobile Unlimited Data. Enjoy the fastest fiber in the country like never before.


    Symmetric Internet 1,000 Mb


    Unlimited Mobile data*
    Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, no call setup charge**

Details of the service

Download Speed: Up to 1.000 Mb
Real download speed between 700 and 1.000 Mb (the speed that your PC supports) with the connection of the Ethernet cable, and depending on the server you are downloading from, which must support this speed.

Upload speed: Up to 1.000 Mb
Real upload speed between 700 and 1.000 Mb (the speed that your PC supports) with the connection of the Ethernet cable, and it also depends on the server you are uploading to, which it must support this speed.

​​WiFi Speed
The service works through a WiFi-5G router

Special conditions:
In Asturias (GITPA/Asturias) the upload and download speed are 100 Mb.
In Quintanadueñas the download speed is 300 Mb and the upload speed is 100 Mb
In Ermua the download speed is 1.000 Mb and the upload speed is 200 Mb.

Unlimited Data Mobile*
Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, no call setup charge**
SMS not included. National SMS € 0.0968 / MMS 0,4840€. International SMS € 0.3025

Extra mobile lines
20 GB Mobile· Unlimited Calls · 8 € / month
50 GB  Mobile· Unlimited Calls · 12 € / month
Unlimited GB Unlimited Mobile· Unlimited Calls · 20 € / month

Adamo Mobile uses the network in collaboration with MÁSmovil in Spain.

Call and use your data mobile in all the countries of the European Union as if you were in Spain.
Since June 15, 2017, you can speak and surfing Internet in the European Union at the same price as at home!

  • Calls, SMS and MMS from the EU and associated to other mobiles or numbers of arrangement to the EU and associated will be considered as national use.
  • There will be no cost for incoming calls.
  • The use of data in the EU and associated countries will be considered as national use and the browsing experience will be exactly the same as in Spain.

The countries included in the roaming rate are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France & Reunion & Martinique & Guyana, French & Guadeloupe, Gibraltar, Greece , The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

*Unlimited GB Mobile Rate allows reasonable use of up to a maximum of 150GB at maximum speed. Once those 150GB have been consumed, you can continue browsing, but the browsing speed will drop to 16 kbps. Check rules of reasonable use
**Unlimited calls (excluding services with premium charges, international, roaming and WAP traffic) to a maximum of 120 different national destinations . Unlimited call with “reasonable use”: if the monthly consumption exceeds the quadruple of the average monthly consumption of all the Adamo customers with unlimited lines, an SMS can be sent to the customer informing that the maximum number of minutes of the bundle has been exceeded and, after 100 additional minutes, calls will be charged at outside-bundle rate (3,63cts/min with 18,15cts call establishment). Current Adamo customers average consumption: 600min/month. Once the destinations limit is exceeded, the rate will be 0,10€/min with 18,15cts call extablishment.

Internet SUPERFAST! + Móvil Datos Ilimitados PVP total 62€/mes. Precio final con IVA y cuota de línea incluidos. Cuota de activación de 12,10€ (IVA incluido) que incluye la instalación de un router premium. En caso de que el cliente solicite la cancelación del servicio tras la instalación, y se diera de baja antes de transcurrir 3 meses, tendrá un cargo de la parte proporcional de 163,35€ (IVA incluido) en concepto gastos de instalación. Tarifa Móvil GB ilimitados permite un uso razonable de hasta un máximo de 150GB a máxima velocidad. Una vez consumidos esos 150GB se podrá seguir navegando, pero la velocidad de navegación bajará a 16 kbps. Consulta normas de uso razonable,

SUPERFAST! + Mobile Unlimited Data

Fiber Internet 1.000 Mb symmetric

1000 Mb

GB ilimitados