Adamo Fiberhood is an initiative to get high-speed Internet connection where it is needed.

Adamo puts at your disposal Adamo Fiberhood, the platform where you can find out if there is high-speed Fiber coverage in your municipality, or if it is not, request a Fiber deployment.

How do I know if Adamo Fiber arrives at my home?
Because you are the most important thing, we get to wherever you are, our mission is to connect to the Internet as fast as possible to all the people who today do not have the option, either because there is no network or because the prices are too high.

We believe in the democratization of Fiber Optics and we offer the fastest connection at the best price. We want you to come back to connect.

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How to get Adamo Fiberhood in your town?
There are 3 steps to complete:
We need you to touch the fiber of your town and start the revolution! You can be the ambassador and you only have to get 30 potential clients.
Be the first to join Adamo in your town and we will reward your trust. You can contract your rate with a reduced pre-launch price.
CONGRATULATIONS! Between all of you you have achieved it and Adamo is already available in your town. You can now navigate at maximum speed in your home.
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The reasons that make us the best operator

Mega Savings

on Fiber, Landline and Mobile.

The fastest Fiber in the country doesn't have to be expensive. Save without losing quality.

Mega Router

eero 6 from Amazon without additional cost.

So you can move to have the connection of the future today, WiFi6 only with Adamo.

Mega Network

for your surfing pleasure.

Unlike others, our Fiber network is our own and that makes us have the best connection service and attention.

Mega Service

for our customers.

Our own customers are the ones who recommend us. With a satisfaction rate of 95%.