Mobile tariffs

Mobile Pro - €25/month

(excluding VAT)

Add as many mobile lines as you need to your fibre package.


Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles

No call set-up charges

150 GB of shared data

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Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles (excluding premium services, international, roaming and WAP usage) with a maximum of 120 different destinations. Unlimited calls within "reasonable use" rules: if the monthly consumption is four times the average monthly consumption of Adamo customers with the unlimited tariff, the operator may send an SMS to the customer informing them that they have exceeded the number of minutes contracted and, after 100 additional minutes consumed, they will be charged at a non-bonus price (3.63cts/min with a call set-up of 18.15 cts). Current average number of customers: 600min/month. If the limit is exceeded, the call will be charged at €0.10/min with a call set-up charge of 18.15 cts.

150 GB of data for sharing and browsing. Once the data bonus has been exceeded, the customer may contract an extra 1GB of temporary data for €5. Otherwise, the speed drops to 16kbps for an additional 1GB. Once the additional GB is exceeded, the connection is cut off until the following month.
The main tariff can be shared with up to 2 other lines (totaling a maximum of 3 lines per customer). By default, all lines that depend on this tariff will consume 100% of the bonus. Once you have activated all the lines of this 150 GB bonus, you can (if you wish) request the limited modification from the following percentages (%): *25%, *50%, *75%, *100%.

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