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Symmetric fiber

600 Mb


Business 48h

Unlimited Calls

Landline and Mobile

Pack Mobile

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10 GB
5€ /mes
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25 GB
10€ /mes
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10€ /mes
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100 GB
20€ /mes


for first 12 months

for first 12 months


Speed and quality in a single product

Get More. Do More.


600 Mb Symmetric


Unlimited to landlines and mobiles

Service Type


We give you the best

Trustworthy Fast Fiber Optic

With Business Start you can enjoy a connection of
600 real symmetric Mb, in addition to a 48-hour service to companies
and a Customer Service that makes a difference and falls in love.

All our knowledge in fiber networks for companies
is now accessible for you to start your business with a solution
comprehensive business at the best price.

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We want to know more about you to help you find your better half! A fiber optic service that adapts to the needs of your business. Talk to our team and start your journey towards perfect love without fear.

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