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Symmetric fiber

1000 Mb


Business 48h

Unlimited Calls

Landline and Mobile

IP type


Línies addicionals


Maximum extensions included

20 extensions

Pack Mobile

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9 GB
5€ /mes
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23 GB
10€ /mes
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50 GB
15€ /mes
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80 GB
20€ /mes


for first 12 months

for first 12 months



Get More. Do More.


1GB Symmetric


Unlimited to landlines and mobiles

Up to 20 extensions

IP switchboard

Service Type



Bridge mode

We give you the best

Trusted fiber and the best team

With Business Pro you can enjoy a connection of 1,000 real symmetrical Mb, as well as a specialized 24/7 technical service and Customer Service that makes a difference and makes you fall in love. High quality highly professional team available for you to choose. All our knowledge in fiber networks for large companies is now accessible for your business.

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