Fixed + Fibre

Business Pro - €34.50/month

for 6 months after €69/month (excl. VAT)

Business Pro 1,000 Mbps with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles, 2,000 minutes to EU landlines and mobiles, with fixed IP and switchboard. Enjoy the fastest connection on the market, connect different devices simultaneously without waiting or interruptions.


Internet 1.000 Mbps symmetrical

Internet Free Genexys Wi-Fi Router


Line fee included

Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles 
                    2,000 minutes to EU landlines and mobiles 
                    1 DDI including geographic numbering


Includes a Fixed IP


Up to 20 extensions


The maximum resolution time for incidents is 48 hours.

Find out the tariff details

Download speed up to 300Mbps symmetrical with fibre connection via GPON technology, provided that the server from which you download supports this speed and it will also depend on the speed that the PC can support. The service works with a professional WiFi-5G router.
                            Special conditions:
                            In Asturias (GITPA/Asturias), the upload and download speed is 100 Mb.
                            In Quintanadueñas, the download speed is 300 Mb and the upload speed is 100 Mb. In Ermua, the download speed is 1,000 Mb and the upload speed is 200 Mb.

With the landline you will have unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles and up to 2000 minutes to make calls to EU landlines and mobiles. Check the rates to international destinations in our list of prices and services.
                        Call forwarding and answering service included.

Promotion: New customers who sign up for Business Fast before 30 September 2022 will enjoy a 50% discount for 6 months, with a tariff of €24.50, after which the customer will pay €49/month. Excludes VAT and line fee. Promotion subject to 12 months (zones A and B) or 24 months (zones C and D) Adamo Business services fee.

Features of the Business Pro virtual switchboard

Saves on installation, as it does not involve the purchase of devices

Reduces maintenance and set-up costs compared to other physical switchboards

Can be combined with messaging operators (Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Slack and conventional SMS).

Instant information on missed incoming calls and redial option

It allows you to keep traditional telephones and create extensions on them as well as on a mobile or computer IP address.

Integration with the main CRM systems, allowing the creation of contact cards and the generation of statistical data on each call.

Generally has a lower cost per call

Better sound quality than traditional telephony

Option to access the switchboard from anywhere with a device connected to the Internet.

Enables remote offices and remote workplaces anywhere in the world

Terminals available in Business Pro








M215 SC




M15 SC

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