2.8 Help with game consoles and ports redirection (XBOX and PlayStation).

We always recommend you to connect the console by ethernet cable to enjoy the maximum speed.

For an optimum use of the console it’s necessary to open some ports, specified by the manufacturer.

You can also connect the console to the ethernet port number 4, which is in bridge mode (monoport), and you’ll have direct connection to the Internet without NAT functions. The ONT will function only as a “bridge” between the console and the Internet.

You can consult the list of ports in the following links (in Spanish):

Note: you may need to redirect additional ports for certain games.

If you must assign an intern range fixed IP to your console we recommend the following external tutorials (in Spanish):

To redirect ports in the Adamo Telecom’s devices, follow the manual of each one of them (you can find them in this very same help space) or the device’s help area.

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