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Fiber 1.000 Mb + Unlimited Mobile 9 GB

1000 Mb

9 GB

price for 3 months



after 41€

save 108€!


Fiber 1.000 Mb + Unlimited Mobile 23 GB

Thou shalt love thy Euro as thyself

1000 Mb

23 GB

price for 4 months



after that 44€

Save 144€!


Fiber 1.000 Mb + Landline + Unlimited Mobile 23 GB

1000 Mb

23 GB


price for 4 months



after 50€

Save 144€!

Because where there is love, there is commitment

We are committed to connecting you to the Fastest Fiber and to give you the best service

An honest relationship

with respect and great chemistry

We speak directly, with no fine print. You decide how and with whom you talk.

Loving yourself is a necessity

not a luxury

We bring fiber internet at the best price where other operators do not reach.

Transparency and trust-worthiness

Love is not blind

Our network, built with passion, expertise and technology. And it's our own network!

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We connect you wherever you are because it is not just about living ... It is about feeling alive!

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I Love You Adamo

We want to change the world, because what we do is more than a job. We connect and improve people's lives.

Connecting Friends: earn € 40 for each friend you connect to Adamo

Adamo rewards fidelity. Therefore, each person who connects our Fiber Optic to a friend will receive € 40. You don't have to be a customer to recommend us!